Maybe It is What it is: Random midnight thoughts

Hey fam! Another week with same lifestyle and heading towards for another typical weekend. I hope all of y’all doing great. Meanwhile I’m writing some random midnight thoughts on WordPress without any intro as I was feeling bit off with me, myself and I. well, I know that doesn’t make sense at all but I understand that I’m sort of stuck in somewhere while I’m trying to figure out my way of salvation in this hustling mundane life.

If you resonate with this week’s musing, then welcome to my blog and get ready with a warm cup of tea as your girl gonna spill some random, out of context thoughts. Hope this won’t ended up as another attempt of roasting myself on internet. [feels like too much of repetitions hah? Sorry boo my bad 😦 ]

Usually I share my blog posts on every SNS like LinkedIn, Instagram yet I have a decent rule I follow as a content writer that is “not sharing any of my personal musings on such streams because If a reader is really into you then there’s no need to share every piece of writing. Specially ones like these on which I share much personal stories.

Appearance Vs Reality Ft. Karma is a *itch

Indeed! I was feeling terribly bad and off from time to time for several reasons which was pretty much hard to swallow the bitter life lessons all I’ve learnt throughout my 25 years in life. I’m also someone like you who find it effing difficult, especially to forgive someone but in my case this is not just about one person but whole a crowd on whom I want to get rid of mentally.

If I ever had a time machine like Hermione did in Harry Potter: Prisoner in Azkaban; I’d steal it and tune back to my younger self probably in 2016 and give her couple of advises. But at the same time, I think that if I had never meet such individuals then life could also be meaningless and less adventurous.

Maybe It is What is. Accepting the guilt and observing my thoughts to be 1% better in life. Recently I came across with an article written by Stuart Danker on which he mentioned the importance of focusing on marginal gains rather putting the whole pressure on us. However, I still find it difficult to forgive on those who hurt me.

What a coincidence happened this week was two individuals reached me. This led me to revisit and think the depth of difficulty to forgive someone which indirectly hints the amount of grudge I was holding on while carrying these painful moments until this day. I must overcome this but I understand that It would take time and effort to release that painful weight down from myself and leave with scars.

Urge for not settling for bare minimum Ft. inflation

Remember my blog post (wait gimme a second to remember as my head feels blue atm) YES found it. Comparison of (In) capability in which I discussed on Age Pressure and Social Clock. Guess what “coach doesn’t play” because this was something I went through and even after doing what I like as a career didn’t give me ecstasy and joy. Since It’s terrible to deal while making myself a living in Sri Lanka.

Every second that indirect and invisible pressure waves ripple here and there. When I’m viewing others’ updates on SNS or meeting someone out of nowhere but when they expect a satisfactory Asian answer on what my career options are and plans for unseen future. This sounds hilarious even though I don’t feel that pressure directly yet unconsciously my subconscious mind save these moments and torture me regardless the fulfilment I receive from tutoring or working as a content writer. No matter what I bring to the table yet this comparison game makes people feel miserable, inferior and less confident on themselves.

But what society doesn’t realise that how this pressure would react on youth and their life decisions. Maybe It is What it is and trying our best not to give a shit on what others think on life decisions and choices. Today I found a caption which one of my colleagues has posted remarking on one of her achievements as “I do not regret the decisions I make. My view is different from yours”

How can I put this into words?

Maybe you would resonate or not but the individual loneliness with newly discovered identity as an introvert brings both infinite freedom and inexplicable pain. Sometimes I have huge amount of time to spend on work and myself but there are these moments which I don’t know how to process.

Is this jealousy or urge for belonging somewhere to someone? I still haven’t found an answer. I see a future of myself in a whole different place on which I’m working on day and night yet I’m not ready enough to get along with people. I wasn’t a person like this before but the pandemic changed my extrovert nature into someone who doesn’t find an interest to interact or mingle with society anymore.

Someone just like Agatha Harkness in comics who’s a century old witch from ancient Salem living in the huge villa all alone with Ebony, her darling mystic cat. Maybe It Is What it is. Right now my focus of life won’t be interacting or being a part of society. Maybe I’m on my journey of exploring myself and maybe it happened for a good reason.

Wow I’ve done a huge rant on myself. Let me know your random midnight thoughts in comments. Hope you’d have an amazing weekend. Stay tuned for latest blog posts on most Friday. Happy reading!

It’s 00.20 from Sri Lanka and signing off with love –maggi-


Life as a content writer: 3 habits to maintain as a beginner

Hey fam! Hope y’all doing good and yesterday was pretty much sorrow filled day around the world with the demise of her majesty, the Queen. I hope she’ll be remembered as a good mother, wife and a beloved grandma for her grandchildren. That’s the best thing I could tell as a citizen from a country which was previously governed under Brits for years.

This week was quite a busy one in my “not so busy life“. I had to run back and forth to university to be a helping hand as an assessor while conducting classes and writing articles on daily basis. In this episode, I’ll be reflecting on my journey as a content writer and will share three habits from an immature POV.

Do a priority check

Indeed! Doing a priority check every day is essential as an aspiring writer regardless what genre or the category you’re working on. Some of us may pursue this either as a full time or as a part-time career so we need to schedule time for both reading and writing. It’s not something like you read one day and put it into words on another day.

As a beginner, it’s okay to spend much time on reading ahead of writing since we need to analyse writing patterns and techniques while finding the niche. Later on you can invest fair amount of time on editing and proofreading. If you’re someone who’s super busy and unable to do this daily, then you can plan it weekly.

Mostly, I spend both morning and night time (approximately around 2H) on reading while putting my hands in writing after evening (minimum 40 min) then I’ll be proofreading and editing on weekends. I tried my best to practice this as a habit until it comes naturally.

You can start working on odd hours once after you become a pro in it. No need to schedule at all since the whole plan will remain on your mind and there’s no right or wrong way of doing it. [This strategy would be effective at the beginning phase of writing]

Find your love language a.k.a niche

You may need to write both what you like vs not before identifying the favourite genre or type of writing. On a personal note, I never thought or even imagined myself would ever write review articles specifically on Marvel movies because I have never watched a single movie or a TV series. It was an epic challenge for me as a non-Marvel viewer and there was a time even I asked myself “Am I really going to continue this?” but I was totally wrong until I start doing my research on this niche and found the joy of elaborating on movies.

Another way of tracking this is publishing different types of content as batches and analyse the engagement via statistics. You can decide the niche based on number of views, likes or engagement but this strategy is more suitable for content writers who are trying to make this as an income stream.

If not, the third strategy of finding Nemo would be rewriting on what you read but this doesn’t mean you simply copy writing it. Practice this until you discover the potential area and patterns of writing.

Ask from Experts

Yes! Neither you nor I are the experts on this field yet why don’t you give it a try to seek help or advice from someone who’s more experienced in writing? Trust me, you’ll never regret this decision once you reach the experts. You can simply reach them by sending a DM if they use social media. If not compiling an email along with a sample writing also fine ;but again this doesn’t make a point that you’re going to spam them and ask help every single time because it may seem unethical on professional context.

Taking a writing course under professional guidance also a way of improving yourself and I recently checked out on a course which I would get enrolled in near future. It’s conducted by a group of experts in this field. Visit www.masterclass.com or you can find plenty of free writing workshops or courses on several platforms just like this.

Let me know what you think of this article on comments. Hope you’re having an amazing weekend. Stay tuned for latest blog posts on most Fridays!

with love -maggi-


Comparison of (In)capability: Age Pressure and Social Clock

Hey fam! Hope y’all sound safe. I’m glad to receive positive comments on previous review on Show Your Work by Austin Kleon. These moments mean a lot and it motivates me to continue my passion on WordPress. So in this episode, I’ll be discussing a vital yet undisclosed topic: Age Pressure and Social Clock.

What do we mean by “Age Pressure”?

I started feeling that everything surrounds me moving way too fast after celebrating 25th birthday and completing the bachelors one month ago, Society expects us to accomplish things in a certain age limit. This turned out to be an invisible pressure wave on youth which makes young generation feel pessimistic on life. This was something already existed and continued since birth yet people realise it in different stages in life. (just like me hitting quarter century amidst inflation)

Comparison of (In)capability

At some point, you might have to face criticism regarding life decisions over the general expectations. For men, it could be financial stability while for women, it’s a whole different story. Somehow this could make you feel emotional to an extent. After all, we are human beings. When this comes to Asian context; people are extremely harsh on others comparing achievements and accomplishments like it’s the end of earth and everyone of trying to get on board Noah’s Ark. Alas! It’s a never ending matter between capability vs incapability.

How to deal with social clock?

I’m not an expert to address on controversial topics yet I’m someone among y’all who went through the same journey so let me introduce some simple methods which you could practice and keep them as superpowers (don’t forget to share these with your friends)

Build your comfort zone with clarity

First, try to understand what are your boundaries and from where exactly you receive this pressure. It might be from your friends, family or society. You’ll be able to create the comfort zone only until you realised clearly on what you need to achieve vs what society expect you to be. What I noticed was this pressure directly emerges within society and redirects through friends and family whom feel way insecure about their beloved ones.

You may need to isolate yourself from others and take time to process on boundaries. It would be a painful journey even to stay away from beloved people though they pressurise you to take the social ladder. I won’t ask you to do a mere SWOT analysis to understand boundaries or to build the comfort zone because every one of us has a unique way of comprehending things in life. It’s all about discovering your way of understanding boundaries with clarity.

As an example, one may need to simply write things down on a piece of paper or to listen to a motivation speech / podcast or to read a blog post like this but what’s more important is to be clear on your needs and expectations to build this comfort zone accordingly. Once you practice this, you’ll view this pressure as a mere bunch of opinions just like me. I was going through back and forth dealing with age pressure in different phases but later I understood that there’s no need to explain rational behind my decisions to anybody in terms of career, relationship status or my unseen future.

No Rush No Rules

Okay! Now you’re in a safe cocoon just like a caterpillar. All what you need to do next is take enough time, work and achieve things according to your timeline because there’s “No Rush No Rules”. Don’t feel inferior or compare yourself with others because this is going to be your resting period in the comfort zone to become a beautiful butterfly. Don’t feel guilt or shame for not being able to beat with other individuals’ capabilities or capacity. Everything happens in a perfect timeline so do your research, recognise available options and do what you desire.

Let me remind this piece of advice for the 101th time, “you are UNIQUE and you aren’t in a rat race” like others. We are trying to figure out and separate your timeline from others. Once you’re ready, you’ll go with the flow but in a healthy manner. You won’t feel rush anymore because you live with a purpose and clarity in your comfort zone. There won’t be rules as “you’re your own CREATOR”. Hope this chant would save you from major insecure comments or criticisms you’re about to receive possibly from your next door neighbour.

Initiate the Blueprint of Success

Don’t you feel like it’s high time to put everything aside and be stick to the blueprint that you discovered ? Because it’s your definition and personal musing of success. Look at it like your baby. Don’t let criticism or others’ accomplishments put you down. Maybe you haven’t achieved yet or you’re figuring it out. Don’t define you with someone else’s success but take it as a reminder that it’s not a competition and it’s possible. Regardless of what stage you’re right now, hope this article would help you to ease the pain and refreshed the mindset to keep working on what you’re striving to achieve.


Let your thoughts air: be brave enough to show your work!

Hi fam! Hope y’all doing good and surviving in amidst of 101 things in life just like me. Yup, I’m pretty much aware that there’s an ongoing global pandemic apart from COVID while the climate change hits hard on several parts of the world. Let’s keep them aside and have a look on what I’ve brought up on today’s blog.

This one book currently changed my perspectives on personal branding and a huge reason why I started this blog. It’s none other than “Show Your Work” by Austin Kleon in which he talks about 10 unique ways of how to ignite your passion and get discovered. Well, fingers crossed, hope this won’t be a typical book review because you’ll not only read the mere summary but with a little twist on how can we initiate these in real life.

“Show Your Work” by Austin Kleon.

Each chapter presents with an eye catching title, collection of quotes and significant episodes of famous celebrities along some personal experiences of the writer. He discusses how to promote your work without shame or guilt under 10 chapters. Let’s dive into major points we need to focus on.

  1. You don’t have to be a Genius

Austin shows that every great idea emerges within a community that later isolates you to experiment it and comeback to share the final output. He also leaves the idea that “You can’t find your voice, if you don’t use it” which I totally agree on. Just imagine, your long last dream might to be a writer, influencer, You Tuber or even to start your own business. What’s the purpose of keeping it as a thought? Start with baby steps and continue the journey until you become an experienced genius in that field. (look at your girl, she too started so why are you waiting for?)

Have you ever read obituaries? It also known as reading Near Death Experiences (NDE). Some of you might have such experiences or not but he brings up this unusual habit as a way of keeping him move forward and work with a purpose. Moreover, maintaining the amateur mindset throughout the career journey would help you to keep the excitement and get on board with any given challenge under any circumstance.

This point resonates a lot regarding my journey as a content writer. At the beginning I had no idea on what to write and there was a huge anxiety surrounded me thinking “Would I be able to meet the end goals of the client? How can I write on something which I’m not a fan of?” but this amateur mindset really helped me to overcome and write articles on different topics without fear.

2. Share Something Small Everyday

Austin suggests audience to share at least something small from your work process every day. I experimented this habit for couple of weeks on my Instagram where I shared little sneak peaks on projects which I was working on as an example, life as a Research Associate, Content Writer and a Tutor. I noticed that the total number of views significantly levelled up contrasting on what I used to share on my regular lifestyle and interests.

This strategy has the potential to promote your personal brand and give your audience a slight idea on the nature of your work. This may sound bit simplistic but consistency is the key. That doesn’t mean you have to share content every single day but try to maintain a healthy balance or a routine on how far you share work on social media but don’t view it as a way of validating your existence in the digital age.

Don’t let this pressurize on you but keep in mind that once you shared something; It’s out of your control and get ready to receive all sort of attention which either going to be bomb or yuk. Just take this article as an example, There’s no turning back once this published on WordPress and I’m here waiting for all kind of comments.

3.Tell Good Stories & Teach What You Know

One of the best ways to present content is storytelling but you have to realize where the margin lies on unless you may end up telling bunch of stories without morality. Make sure the audience have something to grab from it. Teach what you know and show the beautiful mess behind the masterpiece. If you think this might distance the audience to a certain extent, then experiment and do a reality check on what Austin says in this book.

Did you read this so far? That’s amazing as it shows your enthusiasm and passion for levelling up. So why are you waiting for? Go and click the link below to download the E Book of “Show Your Work” by Austin Kleon for Free! Yes, you read it right since knowledge is supposed to share not to handcuff.

Thanks for reading. Let’s meet again on another blog post only on Words by Maggi. Adioz !


Who is maggihead?

Hey fam, I’m Kasuni a.k.a maggihead. I recently completed bachelors and currently working as a freelancer in several fields in the amidst of inflation and guess what? This brown girl from Sri Lanka awaiting to bring wholesome content to your screen with new topics for every week.

( promise to bring up the origin of my username asap so stay tuned )

What is she up to?

well, I’m an avid reader and passionate in content writing so I’m gonna experiment my skills in this blogging platform. In the meantime, We can console ourselves while exploring the purpose behind living inside the 24H frame. Hope y’all will get on board to discover and jet-set of becoming a successful freelancer with sustainable income streams. Basically this platform suitable for audience who prefer a flexible lifestyle just like me who’s ahead of strict working hours.

Topics to spill on …

  • Be that Ideal
  • Start from Scratch
  • Beyond the glass ceiling
  • Sis bring your chai !

Be that Ideal

Are you someone struggling to discover the purpose of life? Then let me help you to relocate the starting point while diving through tons of inspirational stories in the simplest manner. (because your girl knows that you’re too busy or too lazy to read stuff).

Start from the Scratch

No matter whether you want to make the finest jewellery piece that outshines overnight or to produce most flavourful recipe sells just like hotcakes; still you have to start from the scratch and go through hardships. Feel almost fed up? Let’s see what, how and where to begin.

Beyond the Glass Ceiling

All about eliminating the negativity out of 24h frame and finding ways to identify bottlenecks and deal with it. (well, why can’t we figure out these together?)

Sis bring your chai !

This section will be your safe space to spill the tea with me and console each other sharing life stories to ease your pain and accelerate the journey to be that Ideal version of yourself. So bring your tea or coffee. let’s gossip and get to know us much better.

wanna catch me on Instagram : maggihead.97

August Dump 2022 – Monthly Overview

Hey fam! It’s almost September in a blink of an eye while looking back at August 2022. I came up with monthly review blog post concept from Ms. K.M. Allan who’s the author of Black birch series. I felt it’s a unique way of appreciating how far I’ve come on this journey. Without further introduction, let’s have a look on what I’ve been doing so far…

It’s been two months after the completion of bachelors. July month was completely dedicated to recover from academic stress and having a short break from mundane lifestyle. In August, I continued conducting classes as a tutor and put my hands on one of my dream careers (on a temporary basis) which is none other than getting on board as a Research Associate under one of the senior lecturers from the university of Kelaniya. It was my honour to receive this opportunity from which I’ve learnt a lot during the training process.

Highlight of the Month

I was able to revive one of my long lost hobbies right after July which was reading. I used to be an avid reader until the first academic year at university till the academic life started hitting off every corner with lectures, assignments and reading recommended bibliographies etc.

Another major highlight of this month was restarting the WordPress journey under the new pseudonym “Words by maggihead” and becoming an active user on LinkedIn. (I promise to explain behind story of maggihead on a future blog post)

Well, I still try to figure out the audience and what type of content I could deliver on LinkedIn because It seems like a platform on which people running on a rat race of landing jobs and showing of achievements and accomplishments but on the contrary, WordPress platform helps to rediscover myself after working as an assignment writer and a ghost writer for almost two years. Meantime, I was able to join as a web content writer for Celandom which I see a huge potential to grow and become a solid brand itself one day.

Guess what? Your girl found it even more difficult to function herself and maintain the balance through the quarter life crisis a.k.a inflation which drastically affected Asian countries. Yes, I’m a citizen in the pearl of the Indian ocean, the land that reaches its edge of bankruptcy . It’s inevitably pathetic to see how the intellect generation leaves the homeland and migrate around the world. Even Idk what has stored for myself in this country for future yet I’m still surviving with bare minimum contribution but what’s the life lesson I’ve learnt during August?

Life Lessons in August

The more I realise, the more I find it difficult to put it into words because adulthood sounds complicated yet it’s a phase I have to deal with some unavoidable bitter truth. In present, I’ve turned out to be a terrible introvert in terms of socialising and maintaining interactions with homo sapiens. It’s pretty much shame to deal with the social burnout alone yet I’ve found a new comfort zone where I experience infinite freedom out of this social matrix.

Now I can live like a total invisible individual while observing the patterns of society. This has its own pros and cons which I would come up with a future blog post but still the question remains, what da hell I’ve learnt so far?

It’s simple. “Remove yourself from toxic situations, environments or individuals for your sake of existence because peace of mind what matters!”. I’m glad to mention that finally I was able to detach myself from most of situations which once I considered to be beloved and home. It was a huge decision for me to cut off bunch of people from my life but sometimes, we need to take the tough path for success and it’s inevitably painful to the core which made me realise the depth of mundane attachments.

Sneak Peek to book shelf and gallery

I purchased an autobiography which I’ve been waiting nearly for 2 years of discovering this gem of spirituality. It’s “Paramahansa Yogananda” Autobiography of a Yogi” on Jumpbooks.lk. Apart from that, I’ve been reading an ample amount of books including “Show Your Work” by Austin Kleon, Milk and Honey by Rupi Kaur, 101 essays that will change the way you think by Brianna Wiest and finally “The Buddha and the Badass” by Vishen Lakhiani. I’ll be doing reviews on selected work in future.

Don’t forget to read the book review I’ve done on Show Your Work here.

This time, I had enough time of binging k-dramas and c-dramas while watching on going global hits such as Extraordinary Attorney Woo, Immortal Samsara and Love between Fairy and Devil starring Dylang Wang and Esther Yu. Even atm, I’ve only completed watching latter dramas and awaiting to finish Attorney Woo by September. I’ve started updating my Spotify playlist recently as a highlight on Instagram along infusing some background stories and synopsis why I prefer them most.

Quote of the month

“To everything there is a season, and a time to every purpose under heaven” (Bible, King James Version) [cited on Autobiography of a Yogi, 42p.]  

I hope you also had sort of an amazing and wisdom filled August in 2022. Let me know in comments. Stay tuned with more of personal musings while roasting myself on internet.

with lots of love, -maggi-

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